Elimination of skin defects

Wen - atheroma

It is a benign mass springing from the tallow glands of the skin. It shows up more often on fatty areas – face, ears, scalps, back. Surgical removal is recommended since they constantly grow and may also inflame.

Fatty tumour – lipoma

This is a slowly growing, encapsulated elastic, painless nod, can show up anywhere on the body, and develop over the years up to a pea or a cherry size. Surgery removal is recommended.

Following to a lidocaine or an ultracain injection, a 1-2 cm incision is applied over the lesion, formations are removed together with their sheath. We clean the cavity and apply surgical stitches to close the wound. To obtain a minimal scar appearance we apply biological skin glue strips. 1 week after the intervention and of course after recovery, sutures are removed. A macroscopic examination of the mass is enough to run, no need of a histological examination in each case.


Syringoma is not considered as a malignant disorder, they are small tumours of the sweet glands’ drainage system. Can often show up below the eyes and around. The skin is coloured or slightly yellowish, in a size range of 1-3 mm. They can be confused with xanthelasma very easily. More frequent at women and young adults.


Xanthelasma is a clearly defined, sharply bordered, yellowish deposit of subcutaneous fat which appears in the corners of the eyes and around. They are neither malignant nor painful but aesthetically very embarrassing, can distort the face integrity. The final and firm diagnose can be set up after the biopsy.

Removal is recommended by plasma procedure.

The intervention administers plasma energy which is similar to the laser energy, and it can be applied more gently around the eyes. Half an hour prior to the procedure we apply a numbing cream onto the lesions, so that the removal can be performed with a minor discomfort.

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