Welcome to our aesthetic centre!

As body mirrors soul, caring for our body has an impact on our soul. Living in harmony requires understanding the message of our soul and also requires a gentle care for the needs of our body.

When body and soul start dancing together, making one step after another, their rhythm can speed up, or calm down and we follow this pulsation lifelong. Sometimes, we may fall out of circulation, with a faint soreness and an imprint of our disturbed soul in our body. This is the time to ask for help. Goldenrose Medical came into being to support its clients with medical aesthetical and orthopaedic counselling, and a variety of advanced therapies in order to protect your health, your beauty and be a contribution to a harmonic lifestyle.

We can’t wait to facilitate your fabulous rejuvenance!
Dr. Zita Nosek


Registrations and appointments can be cancelled min. 24 hours prior to the therapy. In time renouncements help our service. Thank you all for your kind understanding!